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Pac-12 Conference

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Conference Awards and Scholarships

Tom Hansen Medal

A Conference Medal is awarded annually to each member institution's outstanding senior male and female student-athlete based on the exhibition of the greatest combination of performance and achievement in scholarship, athletics, and leadership. In 2009, the Conference renamed the award the Tom Hansen Conference Medal in honor of Hansen, who retired at the end of June 2009 after serving for 26 years as commissioner of the Conference.

Past Tom Hansen Medal Winners 

Pac-12 Scholar-Athletes of the Year

The Pac-12 Conference established the Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year Awards in 2007-08 to recognize its outstanding senior student-athletes. A Scholar-Athlete of the Year will be named in each of the Pac-12's 23 sponsored sports. The nomination criteria are: senior (in athletics eligibility) on track to receive a degree; cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher; participation in at least 50% of the scheduled contest in the sport; and minimum of one year in residence at the institution.

Past Pac-12 Scholar-Athletes of the Year

Pac-12 Woman of the Year 

The Woman of the Year Award honors graduating student-athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in the areas of academic achievement, athletics excellence, community service and leadership. Winners of the Conference Woman of the Year award go on to be nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year.

Past Pac-12 Woman of the Year Winners 

Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll

Beginning with the fall of 2019, any Pac-12 student-athlete on their respective team roster with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3-or-above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible for the distinction. Any student-athlete who qualifies will be named to the Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll during the season in which they compete.

Past Academic Honor Rolls

Click to see a list of all Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll Recipients by season: 

2019-20 Season: Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF)
2020-21 Season: Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF)
2021-22 Season: Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF)
2022-23 Season: Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring (PDF)
2023-24 Season: Fall (PDF) Winter (PDF) Spring

Pac-12 imPACt Leadership Grant Program

In April 2022, the Conference announced the evolution of its Pac-12 Diversity Leadership Scholarship to the Pac12 imPACt Leadership Grant Program. The new program will provide funding for underrepresented Pac-12 student-athletes and athletics administrators to participate in a leadership development program, seminar or conference, with four student-athletes and four athletics administrators selected each year. 

More information on timeline, eligibility, requirements and process for nominations for the imPACt Leadership Grant Program can be found here (brochure PDF). 

Pac-12 Leadership Award

The Pac-12 Conference established the Pac-12 Leadership Award in 2002 to recognize student-athletes who have served on their institutional Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) and demonstrated leadership. This Pac-12 Leadership Award is a $3000 scholarship for postgraduate study awarded to one male and one female student-athlete each year.

The Pac-12 Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which is composed of representatives from each member institution, selects the winners of the award each year from nominations submitted by each campus SAAC. 

Past Pac-12 Leadership Award Winners

Pac-12 Sportsmanship Award

The Pac-12 Sportsmanship Award is selected by members of the Pac-12 Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and is based on good sportsmanship and ethical behavior in participation of intercollegiate athletics, as well as a demonstration of good citizenship outside of the sports-competition setting. Nominees must have demonstrated the values of respect and integrity through a specific action, ideally directed toward an opponent. The student-athlete must have consistently demonstrated the values of respect and integrity in his or her daily participation in intercollegiate athletics. 

Past Pac-12 Sportsmanship Award Winners 

Postgraduate Scholarship Program

In 1999, the Conference created a postgraduate scholarship program to honor outstanding student-athletes from its member institutions who also are outstanding scholars. Each year, the Conference awards 24 scholarships of $9,000 each to student-athletes who have excelled academically and athletically and have completed their intercollegiate athletics eligibility. Each Pac-12 institution selects two student-athlete recipients, one man and one woman, through its institutional selection process.

Postgraduate Scholarship Information